information from Jen Sholakis

Back in July the wonderful Jen Sholakis (Jen Cloher Band, East Brunswick All Girls Choir) spent the week with us mentoring all of the musicians with a special eye on our drummers.

One of the key things Jen shared with us was the content of her Stick Bag, a necessity for any serious drummer and she shared some important advice for drummers when you’ll be sharing a backline.

Jen says, “When sharing backline I also like to bring:”

  • Bass Drum Pedal 
  • Stool (because I sit high and I know how high it needs to be. It’s my foundation, I can setup all my other gear quickly if I have that as my centrepiece)
  • Snare Stand (because I like it really low and some don’t go as low as mine also I bring it for the same reasons as the stool) 
  • Cymbals (part of my sound)
  • Snare (part of my sound and feel)

Contained in her Stick bag are the following items:

  • Sticks – obviously (size and type depending on the show – this is my rock stuff)
  • Drum Keys
  • Gaffa Tape
  • Moon Gels
  • Spare felts 
  • Sizzler (ball bearings for specific shows/cymbal sounds you’re after)
  • Multi Tool 
  • Hi-Hat Clutch 

Wise advice, what’s in your stick bag (please don’t answer, I’d hate to think)

Jen’s Stick Bag