Alex Marko

Alex Marko is a multi-instrumentalist and audio engineer who has grown up and is currently based on the Mornington Peninsula. Alex began playing guitar at age 5 and not long after began playing the drums.

Since 2018, Alex has been the guitarist and co-producer for the Peninsula based band ‘Velvet Bloom’. In this time, they have embarked on multiple interstate tours and have produced an array of works.

In 2020, amidst the peak of the covid-19 lockdowns, Alex created his first solo body of work – ‘Tranquility’, a five track ambient EP consisting of ambient sounds recorded exclusively on the Peninsula, with all profits donated to Rosebud Headspace. Since then, Alex has began his obsession with audio engineering and production, lending his hands to upcoming Velvet Bloom releases and looks forward to releasing future solo bodies of work.

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