Select All

Hailing from the underground grunge scene, Select All is an unapologetic four-piece band formed in Melbourne, Australia.

Their music fuses old-school grunge grit with modern shoegaze tones, with their unrivaled energy and stage presence setting them apart from the rest. Formed by drummer Emma Papa and vocalist Karina Walsh in 2019, the two best friends set out on a mission to take over the Australian music scene with their Deftones and Silverchair-influenced sound. They have since joined forces with guitarist Olivia Bovalato and bassist Tayla Basso, and the band has grown to demand a significant presence within the Melbourne music scene.

Select All is currently writing new music and playing shows throughout the Melbourne suburbs. Listen to their most recent album ‘Lungs From The Bones’ now, and keep an eye out for new releases coming soon!

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