Community & Sponsors

Community & Sponsors

Parents Battle of The Bands

PBOB (Parents Battle Of the Bands), a registered not-for-profit organization, doesn’t just host events—it throws down epic Battle Of the Bands showdowns featuring parent bands! And guess what? The lion’s share of the proceeds from these battles goes straight into funding music education programs at participating local public primary schools.


Starting with a mission to boost children’s music education, PBOB soon cranked up the volume as its impact reverberated far beyond its initial goal. Now, the organisation’s Mission Statement is like a power chord trio:

  • Support children’s music education.
  • Boost parent mental health through the performing arts.
  • Support local music and performing arts venues, along with the broader creative industries.

With 21 schools already rocking out across Melbourne and Regional Victoria, PBOB has riffed its way to raising over $77,000. And behind the scenes? A crew of over 120 volunteers keeps the groove going strong, all united in their mission to make music magic happen for kids everywhere.

Red Cymbals


‘Red Cymbals’ are an Australian company whose cymbals are handcrafted in our factory in Istanbul Turkey using methods that are part of a time honoured tradition, spanning many centuries since the 1600’s.


We work with drummers who admire quality and excellence. Red Cymbals cater for a range of styles and sound from Dark, Dry, Trashy to Bright and can customise cymbals to suit your sound.


Red Cymbals has a vision of ‘putting people first’, promoting the development of a community of drummers who come together and have each others backs in good and challenging times.

Spec Savers Doncaster


 Specsavers Doncaster is getting it’s groove on and is so proud to be the new Rock Academy Sponsor.


Led by Sharon, Etty and Alvin they are passionate about music, eyes and ears!


Etty is the optometrist director and is getting into heavy metal due to her bass playing daughter Angelica, a regular young lion. They recently met guitarist Zakk Wylde and he liked Etty’s glasses.


Sharon, the retail director, loves Brit pop and wishes she could play the Violin! And Alvin, the audiologist partner, used to play the clarinet and loves how music can connect people.


Combined they have many years of experience and are so excited about this opportunity.

D’Addario Australia


D’Addario Australia stands as a cornerstone of musical excellence, specializing in Gretsch Drums, Promark Drumsticks, and Evans Drumheads.


With an illustrious history dating back decades, they’ve honed their craft to perfection, providing top-tier instruments and accessories to drummers nationwide.


From the legendary Gretsch kits that define timeless soundscapes to Promark’s innovative drumstick designs engineered for precision and power, and Evans’ cutting-edge drumheads crafted for unmatched tone and durability,


Sky Music


At Sky Music we’re a store run by musicians, for musicians.

We bring a wealth of knowledge across every instrument that we stock because we use the instruments accessories and amplifiers we sell!


Our advice comes from a place of passion, for our own music and a love for helping people find their voice on an instrument – whether that be piano, guitar, bass, drums or another from our growing range of string, brass and woodwind instruments.


We cater to players of all levels, because we’ve all been beginners ourselves.

Nepean Music Centre

Mornington’s Nepean Music Centre has been a pillar of the local music community since its inception in 1995.


Providing a comprehensive array of instruments, lessons, and gear, it caters to musicians of all levels and genres.


From guitars to keyboards, drums to amplifiers, their knowledgeable staff and skilled instructors ensure a fulfilling musical journey for every enthusiast.


With a commitment to quality and a deep-rooted passion for music education, Nepean Music Centre continues to inspire and empower musicians across Mornington and beyond.

Gods Bandroom

Gods Bandroom & Gods Kitchen in Mornington, Victoria, is a pulsating hub of musical vibrancy. Established in 2010, it’s a beloved gathering place for artists and music lovers alike.


Featuring top-notch sound systems and a welcoming atmosphere, Gods Bandroom hosts a diverse range of live performances, from indie bands to solo acts, fostering a dynamic music community.


With a commitment to showcasing talent and providing an unforgettable experience, Gods Bandroom continues to be a cornerstone of the vibrant music scene on the Mornington Peninsula.

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We acknowledge that our events are staged on the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri and Boonwurrung, peoples of the Kulin Nation. We pay our respects to their land and waters, their ancestors and their elders—past, present and emerging.

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Rock Academy Australia

Rock Academy is a school holiday music initiative for teenagers established in 2015. Currently staged in Melbourne and on the Mornington Peninsula, Rock Academy features established artists mentoring teenage musicians as they rehearse a cover song and write an original song to perform on a real rock stage.

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