James Crosland

James has been playing and recording music in Australia for 35 years. Firstly playing guitar with punk/soul band Stupidity through the beginning of the pub-rock ‘80s. Stupidity’s first single Something’s Happening (Produced by Iain Sheddon of The Saints) stayed number one on the Independent chart for 10 weeks in 1981. James switched to bass and two more songs were released here on Roger Greirson’s Green label and in the UK on Stiff Records. James then played bass in The Mustard Club from 1983 until 1985 releasing three singles on Big Time Records. Both bands were explosive live acts and cemented in James a love of performance.

James worked with producer/engineer John Harvey (Angels, INXS) on songs for 21BC later to become NZ’s The Exponents.

The early 90s saw James join the first line-up of Mr Blonde. James played bass and guitars on the Hottest 100 favourite “Sunday”.

James reformed seminal Mod band The Sets in 2009 and, playing guitar this time, headlined The Powerhouse Museum’s Mod subculture show as part of the museum’s 80s exhibition. James recorded and produced an album by the reformed Sets called “Another Generation”.

He has a studio where he records, produces and collaborates with anyone with an interesting idea.

James has been playing bass in Rufino and the Coconuts since its inception seven years ago and recorded the band’s first demos in his studio. He is integral to shaping the sound and musical character of the band.


James’ current main project is Melbourne based act Mission brown, playing bass alongside a guitar playing singer who also plays a foot operated drum kit and Max Maxey’s amazing cigar box slide madness.



Jame’s Instagram

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