Mack Moses

Mack will lead the vocal workshop at Rock Academy 18 during week 1.

Mack Moses is many things, and those things that make up the Mack of artistry are made out of music. They are like atoms within his system, DJ at 11 years old- playing at house parties and underage

nightclubs, learning moves from Michael Jacksons clips while still in diapers, self-taught musician, then really finding his ‘voice’ as a singer/songwriter, vocalist a little later in life.

Since taking his multi -instrumentalist talents to social media Mack has caught the eye of many legendary R&B/Hip Hop producers in the US, including the one and only Teddy Riley.

Pictures Don’t Fade (Mack’s first single) produced by ILLSTRTD received underground praise on Spotify, with over half a million streams. Currently his fan base sits at 250k and counting on Spotify.

Influenced by R&B, Mack has put his on twist on what has become his signature soulful style that is edgy yet illusive, no rules, no boundaries, smooth ballads one day and electronic, Frank Ocean vibes the next. Future Funk is where it is at.

Mack Moses voice blends both JT connotations with a little Drake and his sound – think The Weeknd meets Bell Biv Devoe.

His covers receive loads of love online but it was the release of 17 triangles in late 2017 that saw the spotlight shift on to his originals. 17 Triangles, a visual album solely produced, written and recorded by Mack, conceptualizing on a year of major personal ups and downs. Real, roar and uninhibited.
This year since being on The Voice Mack has embarked on his debut album. Producers include some of the leading R&B and Hip Hop producers from the U.S as well as Grammy nominated Brandon Thomas.

At a time when creativity is what is cool again in music it is about time the rest of the world meets Mack Moses, a hidden gem from the Melbourne Suburbs of Australia.


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