Nitida Atkinson

Melbourne singer Nitida grew up in the south coast of NSW and the dusty western districts of Victoria. She trained in Melbourne at the VCA in contemporary vocals, at the same time developing her presence on the city’s famous music scene as a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and magnetic performer.

Nitida’s musical talents have opened doors already. At just 21 years old she was given an apprenticeship in New Orleans by the legendary jazz band leader Wendell Brunious. In 2015 she featured on the Triple J Hottest 100 track “Whiplash” by Maundz. She has also been recruited into a number of groups (Laura Imbruglia, Astro and The Ages and Kahlua Breeze) and opened for a number of international artists, including the Dub FX European tour in 2018.

As a songwriter Nitida’s energy has been poured in two directions. She recorded and released her debut solo album “Dust Kickin” in 2020 (recorded with Melbourne music legend Steve Grant). In the same year she and musical sister Esther Henderson released the single “Habitual” as the pop duo Don’t Thank Me, Spank Me!. On the back of the enormous enthusiasm that met “Habitual” Don’t Thank Me, Spank Me! are now completing their debut full-length album.

And then of course there’s Nitida’s singalong Elton John tribute show “Beltin Elton”, which has quickly gained cult status. Beginning as a residency at The Ragtime Tavern, Nitida’s joyful interactive performances gained such a following that a finale concert was organised at the iconic Melbourne venue, The Brunswick Ballroom.

Talented, engaging and funny, Nitida has a rare ability to write and perform across different musical roles and genres. She is equally at home in jazz, rock or pop and this makes following her directions as an artist all the more unpredictable and exciting.

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